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Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA, who recently announced that she is running for president in the 2020 election, suggested that US President Donald Trump might be in jail by then.

At a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Warren explained to the crowd that Trump is a problem, but not the only problem.

"This tweet was obviously racist, and yet there are actually some conservatives arguing that it wasn't a reference to the Trail of Tears because Trump doesn't know what that is", Meyers said after showing a CNN clip talking about Trump's post. "What are we as candidates, as activists, as the press, going to do about it? Are we going to let him use those to divide us?"

"If we go down that path, we're going to need to help pull this country together and have as many people as possible understand it was a legitimate process based on facts", she said. She also apologized to the Cherokee Nation for muddying the waters about tribal citizenship when she released a DNA test in October purporting to vindicate her longtime claims of Native American ancestry.

The president is under the microscope from the special counsel on whether or not his campaign colluded with Russian Federation in 2016, from the Southern District of NY about his business practices and from a slew of congressional committees on both matters.

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Warren made her first campaign stop in SC at Columbia College on January 23, pitching an economically populist agenda aimed at struggling middle-class voters.

Warren herself may "not be a free person" soon. Yeah. Donald Trump is the symptom of a badly broken system.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday made an unannounced appearance at a lunch on the sidelines of a major Native American conference in Washington. He also wrote: "See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!"

Warren told reporters her comments were a reference to the multiple investigations that have shadowed Trump's presidency. Cory Booker and New York Sen.

Voters in Cedar Rapids did not ask Warren about the controversy during a question-and-answer session, focusing instead on her stances on issues including tariffs and student loan debt.