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State officials say Washington is experiencing an outbreak of measles in Clark County (41 current confirmed cases), with spread to King County and Multnomah County in Oregon.

Armstrong said the lapse in additional cases helps Clark County Public Health feel like the preventative work the agency does is helping.

The Portland area is an anti-vaccination hot spot, and state data show only about 77 percent of Clark County kindergarteners had completed their vaccinations for the 2017-2018 school year, far below the roughly 95 percent of people that health experts say should be vaccinated to create "herd immunity" against a contagious disease like measles.

For the most comprehensive local coverage, subscribe today. The majority of the cases involve children under the age of ten.

The Vancouver-area measles outbreak began January 1 and stands at 49 confirmed cases and 11 suspect cases. To create "herd immunity" that helps protect those who can't get the vaccine (such as young infants or those with weak immune systems), you need about 95% vaccination, so the 94% isn't flawless - and in some states and communities, that number is even lower. "It is very clear that there is no connection between vaccination and autism", Richards said.

Measles cases are surfacing across the country as an outbreak tied to the highly contagious viral infection continues to spread.

"You can't put people at risk because you're late or your opinion".

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"Basically, you treat the symptoms", he said. At that point you might realize that it isn't a garden-variety virus - and at that point, the person would have been spreading germs for four days. However, he said an older person with a weaker immune system could have a higher chance of a risky infection if not vaccinated.

Huang describes immunization as one of the greatest public health achievements.

"The less that children are vaccinated, it makes a community more susceptible", she said.

However, we deal with this problem again - especially in the US, Canada, and Europe, because people refuse to get vaccinated.

In all, at least 79 cases have been reported nationwide this year.

Most of the time, as with other childhood viruses, people weather it fine, but there can be complications. It is used as an oral supplement in people with poor or severely limited diets or in those who have a condition that increases the need for vitamin A, such as pancreatic or eye disease. They can positively influence the immunization coverage by providing the right answers to queries and addressing common misconceptions on the part of the parents and caregivers.