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In her announcement address, Klobuchar checked a lot of the expected boxes-decrying voter suppression and "big money"-but we'll have to wait for the policy details".

The 58-year-old Minnesota Democrat made the announcement Sunday in front of hundreds of supporters at Boom Island in Minneapolis.

"I think we all have a side of ourselves that, if we were to be in the public eye, somebody would have something negative to say", said Mary Stanley, a Minnesota voter who said she's supported Klobuchar for years.

She spoke of the meandering Mississippi River, on whose bank she stood, and noted that further south it passed through Iowa - a state, she said, where Minnesotans "go south for the winter".

Before Klobuchar, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren anchored her campaign for the 2020 Presidential elections from the backdrop of Everett Mills in Lawrence city of MA on Saturday.

While numerous high-profile Democrats already in the race are in the progressive lane - liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren formally declared her candidacy Saturday - Klobuchar has quietly gained attention in Washington as a centrist.

An affluent Maryland businessman who served three terms in Congress, Delaney was the earliest Democrat to officially launch a bid, back in July 2017.

In putting herself forward as the opposite of divisive, she emphasized the US motto: "E pluribus unum" -- out of many, one. About a third of her Sunday show appearances came because of her role as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

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Klobuchar has drawn support from voters in urban, suburban and rural areas, including in dozens of counties Trump won in 2016.

Klobuchar, who already is scheduled to speak on February 21 in Iowa, site of the nation's first caucuses on the nominating calendar, says she doesn't have "a political machine" and doesn't "come from money", but does have "grit".

"She put out a visual there", Brzezinski said. "Not by wallowing over what's wrong, but my marching inexorably toward what's right".

"Amy's the only one that I really know, and people you know is what you're going to lean towards", Dave Brave Heart said. She is considered to have one of the best campaign organizations of any Democrat.

"Courage is about whether or not you're willing to stand next to someone you don't always agree with for the betterment of this country", she wrote.

On Sunday afternoon, as patrons of two of Mankato's independent coffee shops warmed up with hot beverages during yet another round of snow, Sen.

She's has been seen as a Democratic rising star, even though her time in an increasingly partisan Senate has yet to see her emerge as the author of grand legislation.

According to BBC news reports, Klobuchar, a former prosecutor, said she was running for "everyone who wanted their work recognized". Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) for launching her presidential campaign in snowy conditions in Minnesota, tweeting that she "looked like a Snowman". She earned a law degree from the University of Chicago, and in 1998 was elected as attorney of Hennepin County, which is Minnesota's most populous. On-air references to merely discussing a potential run with her family got picked up by several news outlets in late 2018.