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As the United Kingdom barrels towards a no-deal (there are seriously only *45 days* until we are due to leave the EU), the prime minister once again tried to reassure us that nothing has changed. The backstop is the main obstacle to securing agreement on the terms of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

Will Theresa May ever have Brexit deal ready?

Shadow Scottish secretary Lesley Laird said that Labour remain convinced that the best outcome is a general election to get rid of the current Tory Government.

Labour will use a vote on Thursday to attempt to force Mrs May to bring her Brexit deal back to the Commons for a showdown by February 26 to prevent her "running down the clock" to the UK's scheduled departure date of March 29.

Mr Corbyn's demand is for a customs union that gives the United Kingdom a say on future trade deals the EU might strike - something Brussels appears unlikely to accept. This is an irresponsible act. "She is playing for time, and playing with people's jobs, our economic security and the future of our industries".

"We shouldn't be put in a position where the clock is run down and the prime minister says it's either my deal or even worse. No, I wanted to have this sorted before Christmas".

It may seem like a lifetime ago, but it is in fact just two months since the PM faced a secret confidence ballot by her own party to determine whether she should continue to be Tory leader.

And now more than a dozen ministers could join the revolt at the showdown on February 27 as MPs said the votes will be the crunch moment for a no deal.

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He however denied any involvement in last week's nomination of Princess Ubolratana as a candidate for prime minister. Thailand's king has crushed the plans of his older sister to become a candidate for the country's prime minister.

The prime minister's calculation is probably that offering pledges on workers' rights is a big enough fig leaf to win over wavering Labour MPs representing constituencies where voters back Brexit.

So, in practice, if she wants to push this vote later, and later, then only to the very last minute (and remember the European Union doesn't want to budge until then), that bit of legislation might not be a block, because if MPs approve it, she can get round it.

Last week, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set out the conditions under which he would instruct his party to support an exit deal in parliament. Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's lead Brexit official, expressed exasperation on Tuesday at Ms. Corbyn's willingness to support a deal, rather than call for a second referendum, has dismayed some of his MPs who want the party to support a "People's Vote".

"Whatever your view on Brexit itself, everyone can now see that we are not ready to leave on 29 March". Meanwhile, the cost of the growing uncertainty is piling up as business investment all but vanishes and the economy slows to its weakest growth rate in almost a decade.

"This is not Project Fear, it is Operation Reality".

International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox said in a statement: "Switzerland is one of the most valuable trading partners that we are seeking continuity for, accounting for more than 32 billion pounds worth of trade a year".

Downing Street said Mrs May will make a Commons statement on the latest developments in the Brexit negotiations on Tuesday afternoon to give MPs more time to "digest the content" ahead of a series of expected Commons votes on Thursday.

She said it was possible to pass bills "quite quickly" with "goodwill" from the Commons and Lords, but added: "It's just not possible to say how quickly it could be done, but obviously it depends on the way in which there is adequate debate on the meaningful vote and that's what the Prime Minister is determined to do".