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The mass shooting of 49 people at mosques in Christchurch is not only exponentially larger than the Aramoana shooting in 1990, but it also equates to the same number of gun homicides that happened in the country from 2010 to 2016, according to New Zealand police data.

He was identified as Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian, reported CNN.

It remains unclear whether the other three people, one of whom police have said is likely uninvolved in the attack, will be charged.

Two other armed suspects were taken into custody while police tried to determine what role, if any, they played in the cold-blooded attack that stunned New Zealand, a country so peaceful that police officers rarely carry guns. Funerals were planned on Saturday for some of the victims, several of whom were born overseas.

Scheer's office did not respond to an initial query about the statement's not mentioning Muslims but after being asked about the statement from the National Council of Canadian Muslims, his spokesman responded with a link to a new statement on Scheer's Facebook page. "It must have been an automatic - no one could pull a trigger that quick", the man, who did not wish to be named, said.

"I can tell you one thing right now, our gun laws will change", Ardern told reporters.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the tragedy as a "terrorist attack" and noted numerous victims could be migrants or refugees.

They said they were saddened by the "senseless" attacks.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth, who is New Zealand's head of state, said she was "deeply saddened by the appalling events".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canadians are appalled by the attack and said they remember all too well the sorrow after a Canadian man shot dead six Muslim men in a Quebec mosque in 2017.

The government advised people not to go to mosques until further notice.

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"It makes people panic", Zhong said. Indonesian Muslim leaders expressed anger at the shooting rampage while urging Muslims to show restraint.

US President Donald Trump, who condemned the attack as a "horrible massacre", was praised by the accused gunman in a manifesto posted online as "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose".

Despite this latest tragedy, Wahb said the local Muslim community will do its best to maintain business as usual.

"I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 where Islam & 1.3 bn Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim", he tweeted.

"He had a big gun. he came and started shooting everyone in the mosque, everywhere."
"I was crammed at the door with others when a bullet hit my thigh and I fell on the floor".

During a second shooting at the nearby Linwood Masjid Mosque, seven people were killed.

Facebook said it had deleted the gunman's accounts "shortly after the livestream commenced" after being alerted by police.

The visiting Bangladesh cricket team was arriving for prayers at one of the mosques when the shooting started but all members were safe, a team coach told Reuters.

Tarrant states in his writings that he took inspiration from many others, but most notably from Anders Breivik, a Norwegian far-right terrorist who killed eight people in an Oslo vehicle bombing in July 2011 in addition to shooting dead 69 other individuals at a summer camp for youth members of Norway's Labor Party.

A website set up for victims had raised more than $684,000 in less than a day, and social media was flooded with messages of shock, sympathy and solidarity.

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