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While that specific exploit combination won't be effective against Chrome users who are running the latest browser version, the Windows exploit could still be used against people running older versions of Windows.

The Google Threat Analysis Group is always looking for new ways to improve the overall security of the browser and the group has found out that a new security vulnerability is actively being exploited.

Google reported the bug to Microsoft and Microsoft has confirmed that they are working on a fix.

Google regularly fixes bugs that can exploit your computer software and reduce computer security. You can also call them unknown vulnerabilities, because they aren't discovered by software vendors until the software has already been released.

If your browser is up to date, you'll see a message saying "Google Chrome is up to date". However, no harder details have been released regarding the vulnerability, because at this point, a number of web browsing folks may still be at risk from the security hole. The company's original changelog was intentionally missing any information about the vulnerability as the company was waiting for the users to apply the update. Microsoft announced yesterday that the new OS is now running on 800 million devices worldwide, but 43.93% of Windows users were still using Windows 7 in March according to Netmarketshare.

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Google has advised users to manually trigger the Chrome update by going to About Google Chrome under the Chrome settings.

Chrome users are urged to verify that their browser updated automatically by opening Chrome, going to the menu, and then clicking "About Google Chrome". If your version of Google Chrome is lower than the above version, you need to update it.

How to update Google Chrome?

There was no indication from Microsoft if any measures could be taken to address the vulnerability short of upgrading Windows 7 32-bit systems.

Google revealed in a blog post that the update should fix the issue, which it described as "high" in severity.