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Although complications arose when Gunn was snapped up by Warner Bros. to write and direct the DC Comics sequel The Suicide Squad last October, Kevin Feige's team at Marvel Studio and Horn's at Disney were willing to wait for Gunn to become available again before bringing him back to the fold.

The shock move comes after Disney fired Gunn in July past year after offensive tweets he wrote between 2008-2012 joking about rape, child abuse, and pedophilia resurfaced in the #MeToo movement. All parties have apparently agreed to allow Gunn to return to Guardians after completing work on that film.

According to Fleming's report, Horn actually chose to rehire Gunn "months ago", and Marvel "never met with or considered any other director" for the third "Guardians" installment.

"I am tremendously grateful to every person out there who has supported me over the past few months", Gunn said Friday in Twitter after the news broke, in his first activity on the account since apologizing back in July.

Gunn immediately apologised for the tweets, but at the time, the apology was not enough for Disney.

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"Although I don't support James Gunn's inappropriate jokes from years ago, he is a good man", Pratt wrote on Instagram at the time. "Love to you all".

"At the end of the day, the thing I know the most, is that they were jokes, and this harsh, rash decision to fire him empowered some disgusting, awful people", Bautista said, adding about the backlash he himself got: "It was draining". "I'd personally love to see him reinstated as director of Volume 3". "My days saying something just because it's shocking and trying to get a reaction are over". The story, originally reported by Deadline and confirmed by IGN, led to a joyous response from fans.

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Guardians stars, including Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper and Dave Bautista, all signed an open letter calling for Gunn's reinstatement, with Bautista (who plays Drax in the Guardians films) explaining his passionate defense of Gunn in a recent interview with the Tampa Bay Times.