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Britain's House of Commons on Thursday voted to seek a delay to the planned exit from the European Union from March 29 as scheduled to June 30.

Parliament is also scheduled to vote Thursday on several other options, including a call to use a Brexit delay to organize a new referendum on Britain's European Union membership.

Anxious businesses are pleading for action and US President Donald Trump waded in to pronounce himself "surprised to see how badly it has all gone".

The vote in Parliament was on whether to seek a delay of at least three months to Brexit, which now is due to take place March 29.

The motion called for a three-month delay to Brexit - or a potentially much longer one, if parliament does not back the prime minister's deal next week.

However, despite pushing for another referendum, the People's Vote campaign have decided that this is not the right time.

It passed by a 412-202 margin, providing some welcome respite to the prime minister.

"Everyone else has lost faith in her ability to lead".

They were asked to step down by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's office following the day of drama in Parliament and did so.

"I am very, very suspicious and concerned about the time scale", Conservative lawmaker Andrew Bridgen said.

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But they also want to know how long the extension would be - and what it would be used for - before they meet in Brussels in a week's time.

A "no deal" exit on March 29 is still theoretically possible if May's deal is voted down for a third time next week and the European Union 27 fail to approve an extension. "You nearly certainly need a significantly longer one to find a time for parliament to come to a majority verdict", said May's de-facto deputy, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington.

If she succeeds, she will go to Brussels next Thursday to request a short delay to a date no later than June 30, to give herself time to pass legislative changes necessarily for a smooth and orderly Brexit.

Her Conservative Government is holding talks with its Northern Irish political allies and pro-Brexit backbench lawmakers to see if they will abandon their opposition to a deal they fear keeps Britain too closely tied to the bloc.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, tweeted on Thursday that he "will appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension if the United Kingdom finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it".

A key sticking point in any Brexit deal has been how to avoid a hard border - including customs inspections - between Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and Ireland (a member of the EU).

For the business community, including the entertainment industry, Thursday's vote does not change their immediate status but prolongs the uncertainty they have faced over the past three years, since the 2016 referendum in which a slim majority of British voters made a decision to pull their country out of the European Union.

But other European leaders have warned that London must define a clear objective to any extension.

This did not prevent him, in the evening, to affirm that a new referendum remained a "realistic option to break the deadlock", provoking a stir in the House of Commons.

A motion calling for a second referendum was defeated by a thumping 334-85 vote yesterday.