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The answer could be significantly influenced by the clock. Between now and the 2020 elections 53 senators (barring resignations) will belong to the party of a president whose rank-and-file voters adore him despite massive evidence of his crudeness, corruption and moblike habits and associations.

I'll bet you've been inundated with....comments, let's call them, about your take on Pelosi negative remarks toward impeaching the President we have now. If the House votes to impeach (by a simple majority), a trial follows before the Senate, presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

At its crux is whether Democrats should proceed with impeachment hearings if Republicans refuse to join in that endeavour. A high crime and misdemeanor.

The California Democrat's comments came amid an aggressive push by House committees to investigate Mr Trump and his administration - and in the midst of Republican efforts to cast Democrats as obsessed with ousting the president.

"I don't know, I would have to see it, I think it would be a mistake to force a vote in the next couple of weeks", Engel told The Post.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a recent interview with The Washington Post that she does not support the impeachment of President Donald Trump. And he's just not worth it, ' she concluded. And it's a departure from her previous comments that Democrats are waiting on special counsel Robert Mueller to lay out findings from his Russian Federation investigation before considering impeachment. Several congressional committees have launched their own investigations.

But hard questions about how and whether to proceed with impeachment will likely drag out for weeks, as Mr Mueller's investigation comes to a close and as House Democrats ramp up their own investigations.

The Clinton impeachment process ran five months from the release of the independent counsel report that prompted the House to act until his Senate acquittal.

With enough public sentiment to successfully execute impeachment, Trump would nearly certainly be run out of office like a cheap grifter in November of 2020. The state-by-state contests to decide the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees begin February 3, with the Iowa caucuses.

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But, even if you allow that it was politically necessary, there is a cleaner way to accomplish the same thing, without the downsides. "We may or may not get there", said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

But he told ABC News that ahead of any impeachment proceedings, lawmakers would need to convince the American public that members were "not just trying to. reverse the results of the last election".

Pelosi doesn't want to impeach Trump for those reasons.

Second, impeaching Trump and not removing him will enhance his prospects for re-election.

The source had also disclosed that the US President was, however, unsure about the possibility of it happening but does view impeachment as a real threat.

It will remove a tough vote for new Democrats in Trump-leaning districts, according to some.

"We will all go on record", Green said. "And so I'm going to move forward, obviously". Others said House Democrats should focus instead on demonstrating that they can govern by promoting a progressive agenda. Already, some Democrats argue that the party should not worry about the political ramifications of holding the president accountable.

"It changes the conversation away from impeachment, gives at-risk Dems a shield when asked the I-word question and places the burden on Republicans (if Trump's getting impeached, it will take GOP votes to do it)".