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And while Colton didn't get down on one knee, he did give Cassie her final rose - and the show gifted them a trip to Thailand so they could relive their first one-on-one date together. Her reason? She wasn't sure; she kept saying that she felt so confused and wasn't sure why she needed to leave, but after a visit from her father, she knew it was the right thing to do. He had just told his folks that he was in love with Cassie, but she wasn't yet in love with him.

"I don't know what I'm ready for".

"Well to be honest, heading into that Fantasy Suite, I wasn't even thinking about that". And finally, Colton has his overnight date with Cassie.

She also talked about not being ready to get engaged.

Cassie meets Colton's family under unusual circumstances. "I'd jump a thousand fences for you and "like, I know, I KNOW" that I love you more than words, point blank♥️ ps. you still give me butterflies".

"The last 4 months, just focusing on "us" have been wonderful and you have become my best friend", Randolph wrote "You have shown me the purest, strongest love that any girl could ask for".

"We definitely talk about our future engagement", Randolph said.

Parents, coaches, actresses among 50 charged in US college cheating scandal
The students linked to the scheme apparently did not know their admission into said schools was based on a bribe . Those charged in the case allegedly paid bribes of up to $6 million to get their children into college.

Colton admitted that he didn't expect his virginity to be featured so prominently - nearly as much as that fence jump - saying, "I never thought it would become this big a deal or a story". They say they're "super in love" and are enjoy dating right now.

"I do feel like you guys got cheated a little bit because of the way you went about this, because they love to have you get engaged on television and part of the deal is you get the ring from Neil Lane", Jimmy said. Demi, Onyeka, Sydney, Jason Tartick and Chris Randone take the stage with Chris Harrison to speculate on the extraordinary conclusion.

America's next bachelorette is Hannah B. That may seem surprising to many as Hannah was certainly a bit intense this season, but one thing can not be denied: she knows how to bring the drama. All that is missing is someone who will choose her every single day.

Harrison actually dropped a major hint that the next Bachelorette could be Hannah at the "Women Tell All".

"I have my best friend". "You have shown me the purest, strongest love that any girl could ask for".

Yes, Hannah, we're all hoping for that.

"I was like, 'People are going to rip me apart on Twitter.' I thought it was going to be hell, people wouldn't believe me, and I'd have to relive that same PTSD I had in college of not being believed", Miller-Keyes previously told Variety.