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The company itself is known for ups and downs, which would better suit a roller coaster than a vehicle. This timeframe meets Musk's previous estimates for the project's completion, which would mean Tesla Model 3 production by the end of the year.

Just like the bigger Model X, the new crossover will have a steeply raked rear, meaning it shares more in common with a BMW X4 than a Toyota Kluger. We don't know for sure where Model Y will be built, besides Tesla's new, under-construction Chinese plant but it seems increasingly clear that it won't simply be cranked out in huge volumes next to the Model 3 at Fremont.

Luckily for Tesla, many of its customers are also investors and surely they will appreciate the firm's apparent new commitment to boring but achievable profit-boosting.

Justifying that price tag is the Model Y's larger body.

Teased image of Model Y from Tesla Photo: Tesla Inc.

Tesla Reveals Model Y ‘Baby SUV’ Tonight: How To Watch Live

Model Y from the rear. I couldn't get my seatbelt latched and so just chose to pray for the short two or three-minute ride while the enthusiastic driver launched down a blocked-off street. It will sport a 120-mph top speed, 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and will offer a range of 230 miles. The top speed for this variant is 120 miles per hour. Currently, you can also opt for the Long Range Dual Motor AWD spec, as well as the Performance version, the former kicking things off at $51,000 ($46,700 with est. savings), while the latter is priced from $60,000 ($55,700 with est. savings). The promised range drops slightly to 280 miles, though, and you'll need to pay at least $61,200 for this model.

He indicated that battery production for the Model 3 has stabilized to the point that Tesla can start ramping up production of electricity-generating solar roof tiles and Powerwall home-battery installations. Acceleration and top speed in this specification are rated at 5.5 seconds and 130 miles per hour, respectively.

The Model Y will come in four versions altogether. The Long Range can be upgraded to dual-motor all-wheel drive for $4,000 more. And I noted that acceleration wasn't as quick as Models S, E and X (there, I did it). A minivan is the old-fashioned vehicle you remember your parents taking you to school in. Buyers can choose a standard five-seat interior, or for a limited time pay $3,000 more for seven seats.

Options include Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability. He correctly predicted the standard version of the Model Y would cost $39,000 and that it may take the company two years to make that version available.

One question has been, would Tesla introduce a base version Model Y to match its recently released $US35,000 Model 3 ($A49,800 at today's rates) from the get go, rather than starting the premium Long Range and Performance versions as has been its modus operandi for the Model 3.

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