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The app is now in "early beta", with availability on Android and the Raspberry Pi- those who did buy Steam Link hardware will also get access to this functionality.

As long as net connections at both ends are "good", Steam users can now play games on their computer from anywhere else, per a March 14 update to the Steam Community website. Most HEXUS regulars will already be aware of Steam Link (and the earlier hardware-only solution) which facilitates Steam gaming on the same local network as your Steam library packing PC. To jump in on the mobile action Steam have announced their Steam Link Anywhere and have a supporting Android app ready. You could only stream games on your local home network, which sort of defeated the objective of having it on your smartphone.

The Steam Link app launched on Android almost a year ago, but there were some restrictions with it. First and foremost is that users need 'a good upload speed' on the network hosting the stream and 'a good network connection' on the one receiving it - neither of which has been quantified in terms of minimal speeds or latencies by Valve.

Click below to grab the Steam Link app for your Android device.

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers

Head to the app's settings menu and select the Other Computer option to add the desired computer.

The move follows more than a year of innovation which ultimately paved the way for users to play PC games on their smartphone, a less powerful secondary Windows, Linux, or Mac device.

Google is expected to show off a game streaming service later this month and we suspect Steam Link Anywhere is a response to that and other remote gaming solutions.

Merely days before the Game Developer Conference 2019, Valve has made two announcements.

Students young and old lead climate strike march to Maltese parliament
This strike isn't just a protest , it's also a symbol of moving forward and making progress on climate change legislation. In Australia , Education Minister Dan Tehan said the strike was "not something that we should encourage".